Bisexuality/does she have a crush on me?


alicia wrote at 2013-10-21 02:41:54
hi, well i did give her my number, but she never did call, now everytime she sees me she gets extra happy and she blushes...i dunno whats up with her....i understand shes a pastors daughter but that doesnt mean she has to hide how she really feels  


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Pennie East


I can answer any question regarding bisexuality. :)


I have been giving many people advise for relationships and homosexuality for years. People say I'm just naturally good at what I do and I have done mentoring on top of that. I am also bisexual so i can relate, and I have been through it all. Bullying, relationship challenges, problems with family accepting me. I have quite a few friends who are bisexual and half my family are gay. My best friend is also bisexual.

I'm just very knowledgeable in the subject. I have done loads of research, tones of true life experience. And much positive feedback. I would and many people do consider me an expert in this area.

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I have had many clients, too many to count. Nothing professional though.

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