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so i have been in a realtionship with my boyfriend for 3 1/2 years. I found porn on his phone gay and mmf. I feel like i always kind of knew he wanted to experiment but he mever wanted to talk about it other that wanting me to get a strap on. but anyways. i talked to him about his intrests and let him know i wouldnt think of him any diffrently if he wants to experiment. but i would prefer us doing it together. I guess im just worried that he mite not just be only bi. I love him and i know that sounds selfish but i cant picture life with out him. and i dont want trying this to like change how he feels. I want him to be able to experiment and i dont want him to resent me one day because we met young and he never was able to try things. i mean for me to get naked in front of another guy with my boyfriend i just dont know how this is going to turn out. im worried. please give me advice.

Sounds to me that your boyfriend is bi or bicurious and you are handling it perfectly.  Bi males still suffer from the stigma that is attached to bi guys whereas female bisexuality is widely accepted.  This makes it hard for guys to explore and figure out what they want.

Start with the strap on and see how it goes.  If both of you are comfortable with that then you can talk about the next step.  Keep the conversations open and honest, discuss the ground rules and do your best to let him know you are there for him.

He may try the bi side and discover it's not for him or he may enjoy it.  You may enjoy it also.  Either way he needs to explore this to figure out who he really is and want he wants.  If you are open to the idea this will help him greatly and he will appreciate you being open minded.

Life is meant to be explored, not pondered.  Good luck and let me know how it works out.  Have fun and be safe!  


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