reciently i have been viewing cukhold and tranny web sights, i am married but my sex life is boring, i have convinced my wife to snowball me only a few times and i have licked my cum off her tits, she wont use a strapon on me, i have visited 2 trannys the 1st time was an amazing experence, the 2nd was ok, i enjoy a bit of cbt as well, i enjoyed the cock sucking and the penetration, also the taboo of the experence,

i dont consider myself gay, please help with what im going through

Do you still enjoy sex with your wife?  If so you might be bisexual which could explain your attraction to transexuals.  

Have you sat down with your wife and had an open, honest conversation about your desires?  Talked about your marriage?  Discussed what is bothering each of you?  Maybe your wife doesn't understand how strong your desires are.  But prepare yourself, she may tell you that she just cannot agree to that which you desire.  

Many guys struggle terribly trying to come to terms with being bisexual.  Talking with your wife may help.


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