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QUESTION: Respected Sir,
     Greetings! I have recently purchased Tablet Model T 98
and things are bit confusing when it comes to Wi fi thing.
     Could you assist me i am experiencing no browsing issue???

ANSWER: On a tablet all you have to do is go into the Settings icon click on the wifi and you will see the wifi options. Your network should show up. If you need to put in a passcode touch the name and then put in the password and click connect. Also be sure wifi is turned on. All Android devices work this way so hopefully this should help you. Thanks.

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QUESTION: Hi Debin ,
Greetings! Thanks for your response. Unfortunately my Modem is based on desktop so i am unable to access Wifi connection on my Tablet.
     But i do have a USB cord and i connected it to USB port of Desktop
Is there anyway i could use internet connection from Desktop to Tablet?

ANSWER: Unfortunately it's not possible to access the Internet by plugging your tablet into your computer. All that does is allow you to charge it or download but you won't be able to use the Internet through it. Sorry I didn't have better news.  Thanks.

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      Greetings! I have finally worked out the problem. I have installed the driver of my Tablet that is PDA net and i could see it is connected.  
      Now i am just stuck on last issue.Though PDA is connected in my desktop window but it says PDA net could not detect internet in Android.
I must bring one thing into your notice i have installed PDA net in my tablet as well. It is there in Applications.
       So how would i resolve this issue? I have enabled USB debugging and enabled Wifi Hot spot.
Could you help me in sorting out this final issue?

The problem is that you cannot use wifi if you are direct connected to a computer and you can't use your tablet hooked to your computer to access the Internet. The only thing you can do with these devices connected is download to each other. You will not be able to access the Internet from one to another. Unfortunately that is not how the technology works.. To use wifi on your tablet you have to have a router that has wifi capability and then your tablet will wirelessly through wifi access the signal. You can't use USB or anything else to access wifi. I hope this is helpful.  

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