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BlackBerry and BES/shifting from android to bb 10


hello there.

I am currently using an android device, and I am considering purchasing a bb10 phone. my worry is whether I'll be able to use the standard data plan of my current device in bb 10, or will I need a blackberry plan. if yes, will I be able to use the push mail, bbm and other services that were usually available in the bb plans only under the generic plan?


If you purchase a BlackBerry, you will have to change your data plan to a BlackBerry data plan however, the cost should be exactly the same. If you don't change the plan via your carrier, they will likely charge you per kb for data. Your best bet is to buy the device from your carrier when you are upgrade eligible and they will switch your data plan for you. You can't go back and forth between an Android and a BB without switching the data plan through your carrier. You will be able to use push email, BBM and everything else, provided you change your plan. If you don't change your plan, your carrier will likely notify you that you need to change it, but as I suggested, you need to have it changed to avoid being charged per kb for your data usage. Thanks.  

BlackBerry and BES

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