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Dear Debi,

I guess I'm way behind the times, but I'm not sure exactly what a BlackBerry is and does. Is it not a computer and telephone? Are the screens all small? I'm looking for a computer/phone combo that's got a larger screen, say like 7-9 inches. Does a blackberry or do the other devices in your area of expertise meet these requirements, and if not, do you know what would?

Thanks for your time.

Katie McNally

There aren't any phones on the market that do the same thing as a computer. And the devices that are 7 to 9 inches are called tablets. Tablets cannot be used as a cellular phone. Tablets are like mini computers but don't have anywhere near the capacity that computers have to save things. They are like computer-lite devices and most people use them to answer emails, look things up on the internet, access Facebook, Twitter, etc. You can't put Outlook or software packages onto a tablet, for the most part, but they satisfy a lot of people's needs. What I believe you may be looking for is a SmartPhone. A SmartPhone will work as a phone and also let you access the internet, email, etc. The largest SmartPhone on the market is the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. It has a 5 or 6 inch screen. It's still not a computer but you can do a lot with it and many people feel that they don't even need a computer with a SmartPhone.

As an FYI, there are 4 operating systems with SmartPhones: BlackBerry (RIM), Apple (iOS), Android and Windows Mobile. The Galaxy is an Android device.  I wouldn't recommend a BlackBerry device at this point based on size and the fact there aren't as many applications for BlackBerry as for Apple or Android devices. Several years ago, BlackBerry was the best SmartPhone around. That's changed a lot in recent years.

I hope this helps.

BlackBerry and BES

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