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I'm really curious about optics.

Can you please explain to me the SCIENCE between WHY and HOW someone in their twenties can be hyperopic, or farsighted?

I understand that everyone is born farsighted. Their eyeballs lengthen as they grow to 3 years old. Some people say that, then, children's eyeballs lengthen to a normal size because they do enough close work after the age of 3 (just like how someone becomes myopic).

Why is one adult hyperopic (NOT PRESBYOPIC), but not another adult with the same age? Please explain the science behind this, for example highlighting the parts of the eye anatomy involved, or how maybe light affects farsightedness, etc.

Dr Mannu C Rajnani
Dr Mannu C Rajnani  

Dr Mannu C Rajnani
Dr Mannu C Rajnani  

The amount of information you have asked for in so much details will entail whole book, basically just to explain you it is not because children dont do near work it is just that eye ball lenghtens and all adults are NOT HYPEROPIC( Not PRESBYOPIA) some are myopic and some astigmatic, all depends on size and shape of eye ball and also most important is habits of patients lying down reading, lying down watching TV and playing video games and also dietary habits of improper nutrition and yes genetic or hereditary factors play role to a extent
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