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hi, not sure who in the website to ask about this but i figured you're best: if my eyes begin to sting from dryness or dust, should i just not do anything but let myself cry/weep until stinging is gone?
thank you
Ben W

One way to help your eyes flush out is to pull your eyelid out and down a little while blinking rapidly.  This gives the tears room to flush away any stray particles.  If that doesn't work, you can try flushing your eyes with plain, unmedicated eye drops.  Whatever you do, try to avoid rubbing your eyes at all.  Corneal abrasions (a scratch on the surface of the eye) are incredibly painful out of all proportion to their tiny size, and they can lead to infection and vision loss if not properly treated.

As always, see your eye care professional if you have any concerns about your eye health or vision.

Blindness/Visual Impairment

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I can answer questions related to Familial Exudative Vitreo-Retinopathy (FEVR), as well as more general questions concerning blindness in children.


I have five family members with Familial Exudative Vitreo-Retinopathy (FEVR), my husband and four of my six children. My husband and my two youngest children are blind, and my two girls are losing vision. We deal closely with Dr. Michael Trese and his associates in Royal Oak, MI, making trips to see him about once a month for somebody to have surgery or an angiogram or some other exam or procedure. I am familiar with much of the research on FEVR, and can research answers to questions I don't know.

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