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My husband recently lost about 55% of his vision in both eyes. the eye doctor said it was caused by a stroke and sent us to the hospital for tests. Could this have been a heat stroke that caused it?  because my husband is always working outside and pushing himself. The doctor said a blood clot went to his brain and he would never get his lost sight back.

Thank you for your time, MJ

Heat stroke is a bit of a misnomer and not actually a stroke.  A stroke is caused by either bleeding in the brain or blockage of a blood vessel in the brain, both leading to oxygen deprivation and eventual cell death in the affected area.  Heat stroke is when the body becomes overheated to the point that the organs, including the brain, begin to fail.  However, there is no bleeding or oxygen deprivation involved.  Your husband's doctor has diagnosed him with a true stroke, which unfortunately can happen regardless of activity.

Blindness/Visual Impairment

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