Blindness/Visual Impairment/Narrow Angle Glaucoma.


My wife of 70,underwent Trabeculectomy in April-2005,Subsequently her Phaco is performed in Dec.2006/Nov.2007.
She has overfiltration in RE,with resulting IOP of 5/6mmHg.Because of frequent tearing,pain & itching,Ophthalmologist treated & finally did Autologus blood injection in May-2012.Since then such issue is more or less subsided.This was done prior to bleb revision,(if called for!).So far except treatment for seasonally Allergy & Sintitis (on right-side),she is fine.
Her LE-IOP is controlled at 14/15mm Hg instilling Travacom once at night since Nov.2009.
She is regualarly monitored every 3/4months.So far condition is steady.
Her C/D:0.9 with Disc pallor.Disc Image do not show any significant change.Her RE is Soft.
Several tests-such as FFA(Nov.2009)ERG/VEP(Nov.2011)Field tests(Sept.2005,May.2007.june 2008).
Her VA:6/9 & 6/12.Her Optic nerves are fairly damaged due to delayed  diagnosis-(Unfortunately other 2-opthalmologists couldn't do for almost 2 years).She is able to carry out daily activities but find some difficulty in dim light.
She is fed up,with frequent tests & now reluctant.
Our worry is whether she is likely to lose vision on ageing.
If condition deteriorate,what are the treatment options available.
I do understand,without examining personally,it is difficult to opine,but for moral support to subside anxiety,would you mind to respond whether you came across any such case.
Sir,I am at 78,having NAGlaucoma,but fine after timely laser surgery.No drops!
We pray Almighty that rest of the life will not be miserable.?!!!
With warm regards,

Dr Mannu C Rajnani
Dr Mannu C Rajnani  

Thank you for asking query
AFTER reading the whole history it is heartening to note that she has quite good visual acuity even though disc shows pallor, glaucoma is called "silent killer" and invariably diagnosis is late cant blame anyone for that, yes it will be better if she reads in brighter light which helps in quality of vision, since her vision is quite ok no other intervention required and doing repeated tests doesn t acheiev any purpose unless there is dramatic change in vision and she should be able to maintain this vision till life so there is nothing to worry about, try and make her walk whatever maximum possible will improve blood circulation and help maintaining her vision

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---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

I am extremely happy & relaxed on getting so prompt reply.Yes,I do agree that it is her luck,despite complaining seeing hellos,none of the ophthalmologists checked her IOP,till it was noticed at 38/40mmhg by treating Surgeon.I am sure,you must be attending Seminars & also publishing papers.I sincere desire to insist for IOP check when patient comes with such complaint.I would feel obliged in the interest of profession & patient.
I may be excused for such suggestion,but in last 10years I did read & understand normally on ageing 40% optic nerve damage is likely.
Sir,she has significant loss in peripherial field,but central vision is sustained.
My emotional venting may please be pardoned,as she suffered a lot after each- surgery-as a result developed a Fobia.
She is not able to focus during any test hence surgeon doesn't insist.
Would you anticipate loss of central vision & may recommend precautionary measures,beyond periodic checks.
Kindly be frank,any loss of vison is likely if maculopathy is noticed.
Hope,you would appreciate such query & respond once again.
GOD bless you,Sir!
With kindest regards,

  Dear Anil bhai

Thank you for asking query
It is really nice of you to speak from the heart
Yes your suggestion is extremely good infact since long
I have been following this principal  that any patient above 30
Years to check intraocular pressure everytime they come for follow up
Yes dont worry if central vision ok she will do well in future dont worry
At all by GODs grace vision will be maintained
Whatshe needs oral vitamin supplements n lots of exercise or even
Simple walking for 1-2 hours atleast daily if possible it helps
Please revert back if you feel so

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Blindness/Visual Impairment

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