Blindness/Visual Impairment/temporary blindness


Jon wrote at 2012-11-19 16:44:13
I was in a motorcycle accident recently. I was going about 50 mph and when I fell I tooled about 4 times. Around 5 to 10 minutes afterward I experienced temporary blindness for about 1 minute. The EMT said it may have been because of the adrenaline rush.  

Blindness/Visual Impairment

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Jan Hogevold


I can`t deal with anything relevant only to people who have been blind from birth since I wasn`t (and frankly I would consider it a completely different disability). Very little experience with the UK charities as they annoy the hell out of me! Everything else is pretty much situationally dependent but there`s nothing in this area I have any problem talking about.


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None relevant.

Nothing you'd have heard of, but I have been interviewed on the subject. They then completely misused the material and made me sound pathetic, which annoyed me!

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