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QUESTION: Hi Vin... I've read a couple of articles about blogging but unable to get the actual details on where the money come from and how are you paid. All i know is the more people read your blog the more you earn.
I have read that there are bloggers that use certain website which is specifically used for blogging.. I assume this site is the on responsible for keeping track of the bloggers earnings.

Question: I also read that there are bloggers that doesnt use those kind of website and just get their own webdomain so they will have their own website for their blogs.. how does this bloggers get paid?

ANSWER: Hi Jeric,

Sites like or only provide free space for you to blog.  They are not responsible to earn money for u nor to keep track of your earnings.

You can put advertisements on your blog which if sufficient people click on them will earn you money.  Only reading your blog by many people will not get you money.  They have to click on the Ads. and buy the stuff in the Adverts.

Same is true if you get your own website only now you have to pay yearly fee and so it is not free!

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QUESTION: I have read more articles on basics of blogging
there are those that advises to have a domain name that is the exact keyword of most often search engine searches like for example top search keyword is Iphone 5 then its best to have a domain name like

but when i searched which are top blogger site their domain is,,
and them a lot of different kinds of articles are on their pages

Question 1: Im kinda somewhat comfused. Should I make different domains for different kinds of articles? or can i just have that one domain and all my different articles there?

Question 2: The article i read about blogging seems want me to have different domain for different kind of article this is because the domain name somehow helps in getting more traffic. Is this true? If it is why is the top 10 blogger site i found mostly dont have these kind of domain name and still they are on top 10?

Question 3: Is it possible to earn money with blogging even if you dont research which topic you should have on your article? for example i just want to have an article about dogs. how to train them diets and everything. Would it be possible to get a little income from it just to support web hosting the my blogger site?

thanks btw for your fast reply on my first question

ANSWER: Answer 1. Depends on how many different topics you want to blog about?  You will find it difficult to maintain many different domains hence better to have 2 or three only.

Answer 2.  The top sites are at the top because they are very good in the quality of their work.  If you are very good you will reach the top whatever bullshit name you give to your domain.  Einstein was not named by his parents thinking that his name will help him reach the top.  It was his work which made his name famous.  If you rely on your domain name to take you to top then your thinking is not correct!

Answer 3.  You will have to be passionately knowledgeable about dog training.  To attract more dog fans then the already available dog websites you will have to reveal special tricks about dog training which are not anywhere on the internet and which you yourself have developed in the real world by training dogs.  That is the only way to organically develop your website.

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QUESTION: If its okay to use any domain name,
what does search engines check for when people searches for something?
it checks all content of your article with the searched word?
is it better to blog about products if my purpose is to generate income using adsense?
can you give me kind of a tip which is better if my purpose is to generate income by adsense? go with products, article about certain topic for example Acne.. what is more profitable? just find which is more searched and blog about that?

Blog about your passion and what you are extremely knowledgeable about.

Blog about acne if you are a qualified skin doctor and have been treating acne patients for last ten years.

Blog what you know about and do not copy paste articles from somewhere else on the Internet.

Your blog posts should be original stuff.

Do not look to get any income for at least the first two years unless you are exceptionally good.

Search engines index all your articles and not just name of your blog.


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