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Hi Vin,

I'm interested in blogging I have a 6 month old and I make home made baby foods so would be interested in doing a blog about weaning and recipies and building up on it as she grows.

What I'd be interested to know if I could make a bit of a profit by doing so and how it works to get money from the site and in general how I go about it and crete traffic - Can I use a site like wordpress or do I need to buy the domain name once set up? Basically just want to know where to begin and do I start blogging straight away or get a fair amount of info on blog before make it public?

Thank you for your time :-)

Hi Amy,

Start blogging straight away and do it with a passion 24x7.  Make the blog public from the start.  Keep adding original content every day and check response from comments coming in.   You can go in for a domain name from the start.

Only after you start getting traffic you can add advertisements to blog sidebar and eventually make money.

Join a baby foods forum and start answering queries from forum members and put your blog link in your signature line on the forum.

All the best!



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