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Do bluebirds stay in the nest in the evenings or  do they leave the eggs by themself.   Last two times the snakes have eaten the baby birds and we were thinking of placing a door and closing it during the evening to prevent this from happening again.    Another idea was placing a low level current on the pole to stop anyone from climbing up the pole.   The baffles have not help.

During incubation the female does stay on the eggs at night, and this is important especilly in cold weather. Also the female "broods" the young until they start producing their own heat from food. Tha right guards will work, a LARGE sheet metal cone or the wobbling stovepipe guard. Even more positive if you don't mind handling snakes is a small skirt under the box of the garden netting that is used to cover strawberries, etc. This catches the snake as its scales go only in one direction like the shingles on a roof, and once it gets a bit into the netting it can't back out. However you have to get the snake out of the netting as the birds won't feed the young if the snake is hanging there and you don't want the snake to die hanhing in the sun. (they do serve an important purpose, eating rats, mice, gophers, etc.)

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