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Bluebirds/Should I move the bird box?


QUESTION: Outside our office windows, my coworkers and I put up a bluebird box about a month ago. Almost immediately, we had a pair interested in the box. Problem is the birds see their reflections in the windows at certain times of day and attack the reflections repeatedly.

Should we go out and see if they have started a nest?
If they haven't nested, move the box because they are wasting their energy on these attacks and may hurt themselves.

Or should we leave them be?

ANSWER: Regarding leaving them be, a box should be opened once a week to check for problems and to know what is going on until the young are 12 days old. They will fledge (leave the box) at about 19 days and then the nest should be removed so this pair or another can start another nest. The window bashing is that they see their reflection as competition.Just hang some strips of Mylar in front of the windows. Send your mailing address to me at and I will send you my free Bluebird book that will make you experts. Good luck! Bluebird Bob Walshaw.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: We can't hang anything on the window because we are renters here. Plus the building is 4 stories high and about as long as two football fields and has a lot of the reflective glass anyway. (We are on the first floor.)
I checked the box and there is no sign of a nest. Not the first pine needle.
Think we should move it? They have been in and out of the box for four weeks.

I need to know where you are. I am in NE OK and they have just started to nest here. If they are looking at the box I would leave it where it is. Also the window bashing will stop once the nesting season starts. Get my book and you will know a lot more. Bob. Email me directly with questions if you wish.


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