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I put my first Bluebird house this spring and in less than 24 hours had a pair interested, 10 days later I have a sparrow chasing the pair away and occupying the nest, I have put fishing line on and around the box and the sparrows are still trying to use it.  I  seen my Bluebirds in 5 days. 1. can I get rid of the sparrows permanently and, is it too late to attract a new pair of Bluebirds. If so, How do I get them back. Is it too late already? Thanks Mrs Marilyn Rock

Unfortunately nothing stops house sparrows except shooting or trapping and killing them. You have to see them as the rats of the bird world and treat them as you do mice and rats in your home and moles and gophers in your garden. Once you do this the Bluebirds will come back - they nest all year into August. You can also let them build a nest and once an egg or two is laid you can sneak out at night, plug the entrance with a rag, open the box and grab the female. DO NOT LET HER GO! You can also plug the entrance, put a big plastic bag over the box, let the bird fly out into the bag and then swing the bag against a hard surface to kill her. (This is the method that most women Bluebirders prefer.) Then when you have traps if you immediately set an inbox trap you will catch the male. This is most important as if not he will quickly get another female. They are terrorists and killers and we have to deal with them as such. If you will send your mailing address to me at I will send you my free Bluebird book which will make you an expert. it also has contact information for purchasing traps, etc. Also when you tell me where you live I will send the contact for the Bluebird association in your state. Good luck! Bluebird Bob Walshaw.

PS - See page 19 for why you should have more than one box.


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Questions about setting up and monitoring Eastern Bluebird houses. This includes where and how to put up houses, trouble shooting, fighting predators, especially the killer house sparrows and helping other small cavity nesters such as Chickadees, Titmice, Carolina Wrens, etc. Send mailing address to me at for a free 20 page Bluebird book.


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