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I live in Tulsa.  This weekend a friend of mine gave me a Bluebird house he built.  Do you have directions for selecting a location?  Can I plant flowers around the pole that will hold the Bluebird house.

It should be in as open a spot as possible, not under trees or near brush or near bird feeders. If you have a big back lawn a good spot would be in the back corner pointing toward the center of the lawn. A second one could go in front of your home. (It is not good to have only one box) I am assuming that you live where there are some open spaces. Bluebirds do not live in cities, although if Chickadees and Titmice come to your bird feeders they will use the boxes. And you do not want flowers around the box post unless they are very short as they attract ants which will get into your Bluebird box. Please send your mailing address to me at and I will send you my free Bluebird book which will make you an expert. Good luck! Bluebird Bob Walshaw. PS - See page 19 for why you need to have more than one box.  


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