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Bluebirds/bluebird fledglings


Four bluebirds hatched and left the nest. Two were in my neighbors yard and two were huddled on the ground, near the nest. Mother came to the nest with food. When she saw the two close to the nest she fed them and flew away.

Why didn't she try to get them into a tree? Why did she leave them on the open ground where preditors would have easy access to them?

She came back 2 other times and feed the foundlings near the nest ... she never fed the other 2 birds even though they were very vocal.
At 7:00 pm I put the birds in a box, on the ground, under the nest ... the mother fed them in the box. The birds left the nest at 11:00 am, at 7:00 pm she still has made no attempt to got the birds off the ground and into a tree or bush.

The birds died during the night.

Is this normal behavior for the female bird?

It may have been normal behavior. Mother Nature is a tough Mom. Predators get the sick, the weak, the slow and the dumb, thus helping to keep the species strong. The parents may have realized that the two on the ground were weaklings. The fact that they died during the night lends credence to this, although sometimes we just don't know. If you will send your mailing address to me at I will send you my free Bluebird book which will make you an expert. Good luck. Bluebird Bob Walshaw.


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