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bird house
bird house  
QUESTION: I put a bird house on our patio  more for decoration and hoping a bird may enjoy it. I am totally new to this and am clueless about what type of bird may be attracted to it. A few weeks ago a male and female started bringing pine straw to the house. I think they are bluebirds. Soon I saw a pretty blue egg, only one, near the opening. The birds would come and go. Five days later the egg was gone. Not on the ground and no broken shell. The birds would flit in and they are bringing more nesting material. What happened to the egg? Why only one?

ANSWER: Hard to know what birds do. Usually when eggs are missing it is the work of the killer house sparrows or House Wrens and sometimes snakes. These birds seem very confused. If you will send your mailing address to me at I will send you my free Bluebird book that will make you experts. See page 19 for why you should have more than one box. Also they need to be in open areas, eye high on a slim metal post so you can open the box weekly to see what is going on. Good luck! Bluebird Bob Walshaw.

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bird house
bird house  

blue bird
blue bird  
QUESTION: The bird house is up on a deck and stands about 5'6" facing towards the open yard. I don't know if it is suitable for bluebirds but they made it there own. As you can see it has three openings of which one on the bottom is blocked by the nest. It is also mounted on a wooden post. Do these birds appear to be bluebirds? The birds protect this nests fairly well. Can they move the egg back further in the nest? If another bird got it would it carry it away?
Thank you again!

It is very unusual for Bluebirds to use a house like this and also next to your house. Wrens, sparrows, etc. are more likely to do this. A blue egg would point to Bluebirds, also the pine straw which they do use although dry grass is used more often. Several other species of birds do carry eggs away or destroy them. Also one egg is odd and I have never had a nest out of thousands where one egg was incubated. Usually it is abandoned. I have a request for my free Bluebird book. If this is from you I will mail it tomorrow. Good luck. Bluebird Bob Walshaw.


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