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Bluebirds/Will parents abandon a weakened chick?


This is a question about a Western Bluebird.  Hope you can help.  In RosÚville CA we have had temp ranging from 103-108 all week.  There is one chick surviving in the birdhouse.  I think the other eggs were killed by the heat.  He is still alive, as I checked him this morning.  His eyes are open, but he looks weak.  I have been up since 7am and have seen no parents.  The male was feeding him quite a lot last evening.  Would the parents abandon him if he got weak, but was still alive?  I don't know if I should remove him and take him to a rehab place.  
Thank you

Hi Linda. Mother Nature can be a tough mother. For example, when chicks leave the box (fledge) if they can't fly up to a bush or tree they are often abandoned. It is survival of the fittest and nature does not want weaklings in the gene pool. This is important for the survival of the species. If it makes you feel better you can take it to a rehab place, but I would let nature take its course. And do you have my free Bluebird book? If not please send your mailing address to me at Good luck! Bluebird Bob Walshaw.


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