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Hi Bob I have a lot of Bluebirds and they are fighting now and I go out and stop it should I do that? I read where you say they will fight to till one kills the other one and I can't stand for them to do that so I run out and stop it and Bob it is about to kill me doing that trying to get over a broken left leg. My Bluebirds stay here all year round should they do that?I feed them real good and keep the Bird houses clean out when they leave it with the baby's they will bring them to see me and me them. thank you Wavlin

No. NEVER interfere. It is nature's way of making sure that the strongest survive to carry on the species. One pair in your area can raise 15 or more young and if they all survived thay would be running out of food and we would be up to our hips in Bluebirds. It is survival of the fittest and only about three or four survive to the next year but they are the ones that keep the species going. If you will send your mailing address to me at I will send you my free Bluebird book. More than 3200 copies are out across the U. S. , Canada and Bermuda. And yes, Bluebirds are staying farther north every year. Happy Bluebirding! Bluebird Bob.


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Questions about setting up and monitoring Eastern Bluebird houses. This includes where and how to put up houses, trouble shooting, fighting predators, especially the killer house sparrows and helping other small cavity nesters such as Chickadees, Titmice, Carolina Wrens, etc. Send mailing address to me at for a free 20 page Bluebird book.


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