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I found a dead bluebird on the ground below the bird house. When I opened the house there were 5 more dead bluebirds inside. All of them looked like they were adults and also that they had died within 1-2 days. They were not decomposing at all. As far as I know no one has been putting down any fertilizer or poison. So can you tell me why they might have died. The house is 5-6 years old and has housed many bluebirds over the years. Also I was not aware more than one pair of adults lived in each house. thank you for your help. I put the house in a burn pile just in case there is something wrong with it, but I didn't notice anything wrong.

Hi Sherry. I am going to take your worries away. There was nothing wrong with the house. I have had the same experience, several times over the years. You didn't say where you live, but what caused it here was an ice storm that covered up all food sources for more than a week and the Bluebirds starved. It can also happen when some of them come north too soon before insect hatches are available, etc. Your birds just starved. I have heard that it is happening more now as some of the birds are staying farther north each year. (Global warming?).

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