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I am new at putting up Blue Bird houses. I would like to know where to put them and at what height. I would like to know if I should use a treated 2x4 or a metal fence post? I have not seen any blue birds but hope to attract them I bought some freeze dried meal worms.

Hi Zane. First some quick answers and then we will let the book make you an expert.
1. Eye high for you so you can look into the nest.

2. Face toward short grass where they feed, lawn, pasture, etc.

3. 100 yards apart as they are very territorial. If short of space put one in front of your home and one in back so they can't see each other. Or neighbor's property or along roads to your home, even high speed ones. Moxt of my line is along roads - cars stir up and knock down insects and there are fewer predators.

4. Metal posts - cats and raccoons climb wood ones.

5. Soak the freeze dried meal worms, but they probably won't eat them as insects are hatching. and you don't need them. We feed birds for our own enjoyment. They don't need it. In 20+ years I have raised thousands of Bluebirds and I haven't fed mealworm one. I do feed some chopped suet blocks in Bluebird feeders and there are special feed mixes that you can make or buy.

6. Nearly 3300 copies of my book are out across the U.S., Canada and Bermuda, financed by my pockets and Bluebirders like you. Send your mailing address to me at and I will send it to you. Help if you are able. Decide when you get the book. Happy Bluebirding!  


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