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I am very new to birding but this one issue is a puzzle

22 years ago my nephew gave me a porcelain decorative birdhouse , which I hung in my tree that is on the walkway to my new house, & only 5' off ground

A pair of Bluebirds started coming late winter, and checked out the little decorative bird house over and over then started building a nest. Then abandoned which I assumed it was due too much foot traffic so near, as this is where I go in and out to walk the dogs

Then they started nesting in a house in the back yard tree that

I put up in mid March [house warming gift]. again not a typical bluebird house so I was surprised they took to it so well. She would sit in house with her head out and he would come feed her.

The feeder is next to the back house and he would get mealy worms and go straight into the house or fly around to the front, and I can watch them enter that house.

Then they abandoned that back yard house and returned to the same bird house in front

Each house has one blue egg

I don't think they have not been back to either nest for days

The pair appears many times a day to feed and drink, but do not go back to either house. It is the same pair as they have distinctive markings.  

What should I do? clean out each, or just let them alone

ps, I have never seen any type of bird that can sit still for such a long time, like the Bluebird, it seems like 3-5 minutes sometimes. I have enjoyed my new Birding Hobby

Five feet off the ground is OK - they often nest in mail boxes. We recommend eye high for the bluebirder. Those small decoerative boxes do not usually work well as the opening is usually too small (should be i and 1/2 inch) and space is often too limited for a growing family of birds. Bote Loew's and Walmart are selling Amish cedar boxes for less than $10 - it is not too late to put them up. Regarding the existing boxes and eggs, just let nature take its course. And if you will send your mailing address to me at I will send you my free Bluebird book that will make you an expert. Also it has a simple box plan that you can make a box from one five foot board, but as we are well into the nesting season I recommend that you buy several boxes (more than one is best as you will always lose some). If your yard is too small let me know at my email address and I will tell you how to stretch it. Good luck, Bluebird Bob Walshaw.


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