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Bluebirds/Bluebird Babies not responsive after 1 week with rain and cool temps


I have monitored my nest box but did not open it yesterday or the day before because of our bad rainy spell. The babies are about 1 week old. I could only see three if the four today and they are not responding to sound or touch. One has a meal worm in its little mouth but is barely moving. They are still warm to the touch but not moving much. The mom did show up and fly by me. Are my little ones dying? Any advice would be helpful. The movement is very faint and they are not opening their beaks. Do they just sleep like that? I will appreciate hearing from you again, Lynn Fitzpatrick

Usually even if babies get wet at this time of year they do not die from hypothermia. Also it is a good sign that you saw the Mother. If the nest is wet take the babies out and construct a dry nest. However young birds are programmed to lie quiet and not move so as not to encourage a predator. Lets hope that this is the case. Let me know what happens and as noted in the book contact me at my email address And see page 19 again where you are advised to have more than one box as you will often lose a family and then you are out of the Bluebird business. Boxes should be 100 yards apart (a football field) as they are very territorial, and if you don't have this sort of room available when you contact me again I will tell you how to stretch your yard. Good luck. Bluebird Bob Walshaw.


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