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Eric Madis wrote at 2014-11-30 08:42:43
Dear Bill and George,  

The solo on "One Good Man" was done by the late Mike Bloomfield, who's playing was inimitable.  Sam Andrews, God bless him, could never have played blues like that!!  And he says himself in a Guitar Player interview decades ago when asked about that song.  Also, you may be interested in knowing that Mike Bloomfield was Robben Ford's biggest blues guitar influence.  I agree, Robben is brilliant, and it is a real shame that he has not enjoyed the popularity in the blues world that he deserves, because of his innovation and his strong jazz background and influences.  Despite that, he is one of the most appreciated guitarists internationally.  But please, please check out the work of Mike Bloomfield. He had some great, great moments, despite the problems with substance abuse that ended his life.  Once you hear him, you will hear a lot of him in Robben Ford, and you will know that I am telling you the truth that Mike played the solo on "One Good Man".


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