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hi im trying to  find the name of a board game i played in the 80s it was square with lots of holes in that marbles used sit on the object of the game was to make all the opponents coloured marbles drop down below


I remember playing this game too - sometimes you'd pull a lever and a marble would fall through (yours or your opponent's) or sometimes none at all… you could go half way or all the way with the lever.

I just can't remember the name… and I've already spent about 30 minutes on Google trying to find it!

Good luck.  

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Richard Rost


My expertise is with the board game AXIS & ALLIES. I have played the game since I was a baby, I have most of the different versions (classic, revised, Europe, etc.) and I can answer questions about game play and strategy.


I have been playing AXIS & ALLIES since the early 1980s and am THE best player in the Western New York area. Don't believe me? I'm up for all challengers. :)

I've read the manuals and I've destroyed many opponents. I also run the fan site which is a fan site dedicated to AXIS and its online counterpart, TripleA.

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