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Tracy wrote at 2016-04-09 17:30:43
Hello, just came across this post, I was a neighbor to Bruce Elliot, I remember the game because Mr. Elliot had me be a part of their news broadcast promoting the board game. Remember playing the board game as they filmed and talked about the design to the news channel. (do not remember what station it was) I was about 11 yrs old at the the time.

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My expertise is fairly broad on board games. I've been collecting board games since I was old enough to count and have over 700 games in my still growing collection. I spend my spare time playing and teaching games, including doing demonstrations at stores. I don't have much experience with wargames, but when it comes to American games and/or most Eurogames, I can offer advice of the concepts in a game, and what kinds of audiences it might appeal to.


I've been an avid board game player and collector for over 20 years. I own more then 700 board games personally, and spend a significant amount of time both teaching and playing these games.

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