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QUESTION: Do you have any information on an antique Milton Bradley board game called "Stock Exchange"?  It was in a lot purchased @ auction- I have looked and looked for info on-line and can not find anything about it.  Your expertise would be so welcomed!  Thank you.

ANSWER: Hmmm... you've found an interesting game here. I can't seem to find any information on it either. I'd love to help... in fact, it's quandaries like this that really get me interested. I love a good hunt ;).

Perhaps you could send me some pictures of the game itself? The box, instructions, etc... anything that might be a good hint to get started.

What are you looking for, specifically? I don't think I could help with questions like value of the game, but maybe we can at least find a ruleset to figure out if you've got a complete game or not...

Many thanks,

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QUESTION: here a a few images... maybe when it was made... anything you can dig up would be great...i think i have all the pieces

Well, I'm still having a heck of a time tracking information down.

For a while, I thought it looked remarkably like a game called "Gavitt's Stock Exchange", which appears to have little more than cards, like your game appears to have, but this game seems to be one of playing cards in turn, where Gavitt's game is a precedant of Pit, a very loud party game.

What does the game come with? It sounds like it's got a board and a bunch of cards. Can you give me that information?

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