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Someone reccomended I come to you with a puzzle even though it's not really a board game I thought I'd give it a shot:
The puzzle shows a compass pointing to north/ south and the "ecuation" +90- 180- 90 +180 +90 and the statement, We won't give you any direction on this one. Do you think you could give me some direction to solving this puzzle? Thanks!

Hey Becky,

I'm usually pretty good at puzzles, so while you're not SUPPOSED to ask about them on the board game category, you've got me intrigued anyway ;).

My first thought was that the 90's and 180's represent course corrections. When you adjust heading by 90 degrees, you turn right and -90 degrees is turn left. If we do that, assuming we start facing North, the directions become North East West South North East.

I thought that if you were walking and made those course changes, what would you get... but you just end up facing Eath and not making anything interesting.

Then, I thought you could use the directions as absolutes... +90 is East, -90 is West, etc... but I'm not sure what the difference between -180 and +180 would be. Unfortunately, whichever you set those out, you end up with a simple square.

I'm not sure what the puzzle is supposed to result in... does this give you a direction, a number, etc...?

I'm afraid I can't help too much on this one... I am curious, though, what the answer turns out to be.

(PS: Since puzzle competitions are fairly common, and this MAY be in a competition like that, any responses I give will be at least 24 hours. I can't give you an unfair advantage, now can I?)

Good Hunting,

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