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I have inherited a Carrom board from my father and he said he can not remember if the stand is original. He purchased the Board right before he joined the Navy in 1941 or 42. I have sent a question to  and had no response. My next question is on the rules. The board is what they call a SP board according to their Website. It has baseball on one side and Football on the other. The baseball rules were on the Carrom site, but the football rules are not there. What are the rules for the Football side of the board?


Hi Cindy,
I'm researching this right now but don't have an answer yet.  I've put some feelers out and hope to get some thing back soon.  You've given me great info so it is just a matter of time to find out for you.   I'm on it and will let you know as soon as I can.  Thanks for your patience. Rich

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