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hi........i cant find it , so maybe you can. We played it in the 70s.  Two player game Each side had several dice.The dice were large, maybe an inch and half tapered square.Cant remember the object but involved moving them by rolling one side at a time depending on the top number.Just remember it was  quite fun.. thanks

Hi Rob,
Thanks for your interesting question on a most unusual game with large dice that you played in the 1970s.  I happened to be at my computer at the moment you posted your question and have been scoping out various possibilities since that time, though your game's title has continued to be elusive to me.  As I investigate further, I would suggest that you use the advanced search feature on the Boardgamegeek website that currently has the largest boardgame database on the web.  The more you can remember about your game, the more descriptors you can use in your search to narrow down the title.  Also, this website has pictures next to each game name that comes up in your search which will help you identify your game.  Please let me know what you find out and I will give you an update on my progress as well.
Best regards,

PS: Please explain what "half tapered square" dice means and if you could tell me if the dice were in different colors.

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