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Hey Don,

I recently picked up the vintage game Pig in the Garden by Schaper. I've done a little research and find that this is a rare game. I did find one that sold on eBay for $76. Comparing that listing to what I have I noticed that there are differences. First off the game online had a roll up game mat with the board and player cards. My game has separate cardboard game board and separate player cards. Also the pigs are different. The pig I have in my game is a black pig. The game looks like it was rarely used. It has original box that is in OK shape. One of the corners is broke right in the corner. Other than that its pretty decent. It is missing only 1 piece which is one of the pieces of celery. The box also has the number 310 on it whichfrom what I see is kind of a identifier. Basically my question is what year or where to look for the year. How rare is it what I have? How much is it worth? Any help would be appreciated. Also underneath the game was a board game catalog for Schaper. It is in excellent condition as well.

I also picked up a 1967 The Newlywed Game by Hasbro. 1st edition pink box. Game has all pieces and has never been used. Box is also in great condition.

Hi Ron,
Thanks for your great question(s) on Pig in the Garden game.  Schaper is noted for publishing some of its earlier games in different varieties without a date on the box, which makes it difficult to determine the year and the sequence of each published version.  As you may already know, Schaper began as a company in the Fall of 1949.  By the 1970s Schaper operated as the Schaper Toy division of Kusan Inc. and was acquired by Tyco Toys in 1986.  In 1997 Tyco Toys was purchased by Mattel, however the deal included selling the rights to four Schaper games to Milton Bradley, which is a division of Hasbro.  As far as I know, the rights to Pig in the Garden game were not sold to Milton Bradley in that deal, so you might contact Mattel to get more information about Schapers publishing records.  Of course you can always contact the United States Patent and Trademark Office in Alexandria, VA.

As far as the value of your game, there are a number of aspects to consider.  As you already know, the value of most things is determined by what the secondary market will offer you.  Usually, the varieties of Pig in the Garden game I have seen will consistently go for anywhere from $20 to $80 on eBay or at toy shows depending upon condition.  If you are able to determine that your edition was the first edition and/or the quantity is very low, that could add value of your game. Another point to consider is that Schaper was one of the first game companies to extensively use plastic in its games, which is historically significant and could add even more value over time.  

As far as your 1967 The Newlywed (1st Edition) game, I usually see them listed on eBay for $15 to $25 with limited success for sales.  I hope this information is helpful to you.  Also, let me know if you need any other information and will be glad to assist you.  I am always thrilled to support interest in board games
Best regards,

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