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I am looking for a football board game that I believe was made prior to 1960.  It had one large card with both offense and defensive plays on it.  The offense would pick a play off the board and then roll the dice and it would show on the card if any yardage was made.  Then the defense would roll and try to stop the play.  The defense would read from the same card how well he defended the play based on the rolled dice numbers.  My brother and I played this game everyday.  I would love to find one for him but do not know the name.  I know it was old when we used to play it in the late 1960s.  Any idea what it might be called?

Hi Sophia,
I'm sorry that I'm not familiar with this particular game, but I would like you to look at this link and scroll through all the football games to see if one pops for you.  Pay attention to the date just after the name of the game to target those that are older.  Let me know if any of them look familiar and we can go from there.

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