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Dear Richard,

I'm looking for cooperative games with certain characteristics. These games can help me to determine which elements might be useful for a set of rules I'm developing for (the process towards) setting moral priorities as a team. I would really appreciate receiving recommendations (and explanations/links) about games that have all of the following characteristics:
- They are cooperative games (without traitors) in which the team either loses or wins (like Pandemic). There may be several teams, but none of the teams lose (so either everyone wins or everyone loses).
- The games are either not solved yet (like chess and go) or solved, but too difficult to play perfectly (all the time) for humans (like draughts).
- The games are abstract board games or can be easily changed into abstract board games (by for example using pawns instead of wizards).
- I like games that take minutes to learn and a lifetime to master and I dislike dices (random aspects) and games where you have to draw a card when you land on certain squares (like the Chance cards in Monopoly).
- The games can be rarely played variants of more common games (like Kriegspiel chess).
- Team members have to set priorities (because there are limited
resources of time/players/et cetera).
- You get better at the game by playing often, but if you win that doesn't guarantee that you win the next time (because the game might proceed in different ways).
- Communication between team members is allowed.
- The game isn't over in a minute, but doesn't take days to complete either.
- If the game would be solved, a best move could be determined
(there is a perfect way of playing the game, but no human is able to play that way the entire time because of the difficulty of the game).
- The game is designed in a way that it's unlikely that team members blame each other for failing as a team.
- The players have to take turns, it's not necessary that all of them take the same amount of turns, but players shouldn't be idle for a long time.
- There are clear rules that every participating player interprets in the same way.
- Fair Play / Sportsmanship is obligatory.
- Good players recognize common patterns in play.
- The game doesn't revolve around a time-based objective (as described at
- It is possible to practice or study the game on your own.   

I know that this is a very difficult question so any help is highly appreciated. I've found the following link (about
cooperative games) which might help: Thank you for reading my question, I hope to hear from you soon (but take your time if that helps you to give a better answer).    

Kind regards,


Hi Rick,
I've been thinking about this question for a while - you've obviously taken the time to really outline what you are looking for and have a genuine need for the information.

I'm listing some below with a link.  Others you search by reading the reviews on the links I've provided or by actually going to a game store and trying them out.  Many game stores allow a try before you buy approach.

The first games that come to mind are:

Scotland Yard
Forbidden Island
Robinson Crusoe

Games that are really enjoyable cooperative games but do not meet your criteria:
Dungeon Fighter
Shadows over Camelot

Lastly, there are hundreds of cooperative/partnership games that I am not familiar with but that may strike some interest for is where I would start...

Here are the cooperative and abstract games on[designerid]=&geekitemname=&include[publisherid]=&geekitemname=&range[yearpublished][min]=&range[yearpublished][max]=&range[minage][max]=&floatrange[avgrating][min]=&floatrange[avgrating][max]=&range[numvoters][min]=&floatrange[avgweight][min]=&floatrange[avgweight][max]=&range[numweights][min]=&searchuser=marjhan&range[minplayers][max]=&range[maxplayers][min]=&playerrangetype=normal&range[playingtime][max]=&propertyids[]=1009&propertyids[]=2023&B1=Submit

Good luck!

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