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I have a 1948 production and marketing corporation Newtown conn. Scrabble board.
The board has no (r) registered trademark.
I have been trying find info. From what I can find it seems this is rare and about 200 or so we're produced.
Is my info correct? And have you any idea of collectable value?
I only have the board.

Hi Sean,
Thanks for your informed question about your 1948 scrabble board. Determining the quantity of an early production game such as this is a feat in itself.  This type of information is usually limited to avid collectors or game enthusiasts who either find old articles at libraries or on the web, and/or sometimes make connections with folks who were involved with the early days of game manufacturers.  I have managed making connections with minor publishers that used to exist in the St. Louis area years ago and learned lots of interesting facts.  If you can determine more exact information (street address) about where and when that game was published, it would make sense that antique shops or museums in the area might have experts that could give you more insight into specifics of your game.  As far as collectible value, this can be difficult to determine.  Collectors usually prefer complete games in excellent condition without missing parts.  You may get lucky and find someone who is needing a game board if you post on eBay and as you know, something is only worth what someone will pay for it.  I have seen a number of old games and parts posted on eBay that don't appear to sell in the completed listings section, which is another place you can check on a regular basis.  I hope this information is helpful to you.  Let me know if I can be of further assistance.  
Best regards,

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