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Can you help me to identify a football board game I believe originated in the 70's? It was a rather small game where each person picked their plays (offensive and defensive) and the result of the play was determined by the roll of a dimpled ball that was color coded on each dimple. Example- if the ball landed on white, then the play resulted in a 8yd gain. If the ball landed on green, then the play resulted in a 2yd gain. If the ball landed on blue, then the play resulted in a 3yd loss. if the ball landed on red, it was a fumble. The ball had a different amount of color coded dimples to change the percentage of how many times each color would be landed on. Example- 4 white dimples, 3 green dimples, 2 blue dimples, 1 red dimple. I'm just guessing about colors, but gives the idea of it. The game displayed a mini football field where you would move a football shaped marker to show field position. If I remember correctly the offense used play cards to pick their plays, and I believe, but I'm not sure, the defense chose their play by moving a pin. The pin determined how far the offensive play card could be put into the card slot. Once a card was put into the card slot,the potential results showed through a window with results for each color on the rolling dimpled ball. One would roll the ball, see what color it landed on, look on the play card for that color, and see the result for that play. Then simply move the football shaped marker to match the result. There was also another sliding marker on the board that showed first downs. I wish I could remmeber the game more clearly.
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Hi Steve, Thanks for your most interesting question about a small football game.  I will be looking into what this game might be, however it is 1:00 am at this time, so I will need to get some rest.  In the meantime, you might trying going to a website called the, which is the largest database of board game information on the web.  Use the advanced search feature on this website to find your game.  You can put in parameters, such as, a year range from 1970 to 1979 and the word football in the title field.  After you submit for a search, a list of games will be shown including the pictures and year of publication.  Just the pictures alone would help you figure this one out more rapidly. Let me know what you find out and I will look into this as soon as possible.  Best regards, Don

PS:  Also, you can contact me through my website called, Don's Game Closet. We could talk about other details that might be useful in this search,  (i.e.,size of the box, its colors, etc.)  

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