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I have quite a few board games most in original plastic.  Trump the game, bargain hunter, wilbrahamopoly 1998, a line in the sand, europe aflame, clintonopoly and shark attack. I also have vintage games missing some pieces zig zam zoom, remco schmo, hang on harvey, the mystery zodiac and aurora derby.  Do any of these have any value and if so which ones?  Are any of them  enjoyed today? and lastly what is done with those games missing pieces?
Thanks, Ed

Hi Ed,
I researched these on since that is the best source.  

Approximate value

Trump the game $5
bargain hunter $5
wilbrahamopoly 1998  $10
a line in the sand $20
europe aflame $15
clintonopoly $20
shark attack  $20

zig zam zoom unknown value, no spare parts available, estimated $15
remco schmo unknown value, no spare parts available, estimated $10
hang on harvey  $15, no spare parts available
the mystery zodiac - cannot locate - need more info
aurora derby - unknown value, no spare parts available, estimated $5 is a great place to find missing parts.  Check each game regularly by searching on its name and check these lists:

Sometimes these lists have game owners wanting spare parts - you may get more value by selling your game in parts them.  You can try to sell on eBay also.  

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