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Someone is trying to sell this game (pictured) and I was thinking about buying it; however I could not find the exact box/contents anywhere. Is this a fake? Extremely rare? I would really appreciate any advise you would be willing to share.

I'm having a hard time nailing it down myself, but I can at least offer you some leads. Here is a webpage I found:

On this page, they show you zoomed in areas of the box that show things like "If it has this trademark text in this area of the cover, it means that it's this edition". One thing that I can't make out from the images is the copyright date on the Chance and Community Chest cards. Although, from what I can tell, many of those cards didn't get art until some of the later editions.

I can't be absolutely sure, but looking at the images, I'd say that it's POSSIBLE that this is a "Frankenset". Someone found multiple sets and filled in gaps from other sets. E.g. They found a 1935 box, but it was missing the Chance and Community Chest cards, so they filled those in from a different set.

Some of the pieces I see look rare and might be valuable to collectors who are missing pieces here or there, but I'm sorry that I can't say straight out if this is a fake, a complete set or what we're looking at.


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