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hi there first let me thank you for your time for this. i played a board game 25 years ago and im 30 now with little wooden logging trucks which had 6 holes for pegs that went in vertically all were different colors indicating the kind of lumber i think like gray was alder white was birch and thats about all i can remember. i have searched and searched cant find a bite nowhere id love to buy it as it is a very fond memory of mine no idea who made it or anything. if you have an idea or any info on this game and or how i could find it and but it i would be very grateful. oh i live in libby montana a huge logging and mining town if that helps at all. again thanks for your time re guarding this question. sincerely tyler hilton

Hi Tyler,  
It was great to hear from you on this game. After doing some considerable searching for logging or timber games, I was unable to find something that met your description up to this point. It is very likely that your game is from a publisher who produced a smaller quantity of game making it more difficult to find more information.  We often send folks to the Boardgamegeek, which is the largest board game database in America.  They have an advanced search feature which you can play with to see if you can find something.  The search results will pull up pictures, which should be helpful in your quest.  Here is a link to this website  

Let us know what you find out and we will continue our search.
Best regards,

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