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Hello and thank you for being an expert to answer our questions.

My question is about Monopoly, specifically the rules.  

I recently bought Monopoly Electronic Banking edition. I bought this one to simplify transactions so we wouldn't have to deal with paper money and making change and all that time consuming mess.  With the electronic banking version, it's essentially the same game, it just basically uses debit cards to keep track of transactions instead of using paper money.  However, some basic game rules were ambiguous and caused some confusion.  The manual and online rules (even the official tournament rules) didn't seem to provide answers.  Here are my questions:

1) Whether you play with paper money or the electronic banking edition, can other players keep their balances secret?  In other words, if I want to check the balance of another players cash (either paper or using the electronic debit card) can I do that?  Can players shield other players from knowing how much money they have?  Should their money be kept in view to ensure there is no cheating???

2) Now, if a player does not want a property they land on, then there is to be an auction that according to my manual says is open to everybody.  Now, if a player lands on a property and declines to buy it and the property goes to auction, does that mean that the player can participate in the auction to get the property at a lesser price than the price on the board?  

3) If a player chooses a chance or community chest card and it sends them to a property owned by another player, does that mean that they would be required to pay that player rent?  My girlfriend says no, but I say yes, because one chance card says "hop a plane to x property and collect 2m if you pass Go".  Seems to me that if you got a free plane ticket to someone else's property, they would still be expecting rent for occupying space in their property.  

Let me know what you think and THANK YOU!


Hi Chris,
Thanks for writing such a delightful inquiry about the game of Monopoly. Over the years I have had numerous inquiries about what to do when game rules do not cover various situations such as the one you described in your 1st question.  I have found that many of these unknown areas are best dealt with by players reaching an agreement prior to the beginning of play. My opinion could be just as valid as an player who is going to play the game in their part of the world. As for areas covered by rules, I checked one set of rules on your 2nd question and it reads: "If you do not wish to buy property, the Banker sells it at auction to the highest bidder.  The buyer pays the Bank the amount of the bid in cash and receives the Title Deed card for that property.  Any player, including the one who declined to buy it at the printed price, may bid.  Bidding may start at any price."  So this would make your view more valid.  As for your 3rd question, I would tend to agree with you because any player landing on any property held by another player during the game, requires rent to be paid.  If you would like to pursue more information on any these topics, feel free to contact me through Don's Game Closet.  Thanks for your great questions and I hope you and your wife have a great new year.  
Best regards,

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