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Dear Dante

Is it possible to design a Kite shaped
diamond scrabble board with character tiles?
If yes,can this bring variation to the word power game?


I actually don't see any reason why you couldn't, but I would ask why?

The core question I have is to what a Kite shaped board would bring that Scrabble wouldn't. The biggest advantage of the existing shape is the tactics around how you vie for the most important bonus tiles. For instance, you need to be extremely tactical to get the massive Triple Word Score tiles. But if you think about it, those spaces along the edges have two or three ways you can get to them (the top center can be approached from the left, right or below). But moving to a kite reduces the number of ways you can hit those squares. This makes it far easier to prevent your opponent from getting to them.

I guess my answer is that sure, you could certainly put the Scrabble board on a Kite, but what is it that you want to do? What uniqueness does it bring to the game?

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