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Boat Repair/1994 Yamaha v4 2 stroke outboard


QUESTION: My outboard is reving high and very difficult to put into gear, rpm range from 1400 to 2000 while at idle.the local marine mechanic has rebuilt the fuel pump believing that this was the problem two weeks later when the problem occurred again the fuel pump was replaced with a new one. The outboard started and ran fine for approximately 6 hours on the water then back to high reving again. I did give it a burst of wide open before this occurred and on occasion when throttling onto the plane the motor seems to hesitate, can you offer any suggestions. Kind regards, Brett.

ANSWER: what is it doing now ??  does it not idle low enough ??  it should idle about to 8 hundred rpm's  has the idle speed and timing been checked.?? I need a little more info..
Everett Peacock

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QUESTION: In the past it was idling at 800rpm then I had it serviced and all of a sudden when trying to get onto the plane the next trip out i had little power.i had this looked at and a fuel pump was diagnosed and replaced. I went for a recent and first trip after the repair, the motor started perfectly and ran well for the first three to four hours then was showing a lack of power to plane but not as bad as before. When arriving at harbour the motor when I tried to shift to neutral started to rev up to 2000 rpm. When I flushed the motor it was at a constant 1700rpm and that's where I've left it for now due to Christmas closures. Cheers, Brett.

I think  when you had the carbs done,  they removed the throttle cable and it is not adjusrted corectly...
With the cover off and engine not running find the lever that the throttle connects too.  With the engine off and the warm up lever in the down position see if the throttle lever on the engine hasw any play in can adjust the cable at the engibe, and make swure the throttle cable is not the engine as you move the warn up lever ...I think on that model.
The idle adjustmen is eiher on the throttle lever or the carb with a small straight head screw,
what horse power is it ???

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