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CJ wrote at 2013-07-07 03:57:57
there are several types of zodiac boats some are pvc(strongan) some are hypalon both require different steps to repair. determine the material first!  most are hypalon with strongan floor. I found you must prepare each surface a little different. I also found. or will be attempting to use HH-66 a vinal fabric adhesive to re glue most of the floor. from my research this is the best choice. it can be used on pvc as well as hypalon use a pumice stone to clean the hypalon and a alcohol base  cleaner for the strogan. one guy used acitone my reasearch sudgest its not a good idea for the pvc. apply three coats as recommended by manufacturer. clean the surface or adhesion will not hold. this is the 3rd time repairing so pvc cement held a year. rubber cement lasted a couple uses. this HH-66 is recommended by another boat owner, so here goes? there are kits and supply's direct from zodiac that would be my other suggestion.

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