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Bob wrote at 2006-06-28 15:26:24
Don't go near a KMV boat!  A number of years ago I bought a new 17 foot Dromdille, which appeared to be a solid although light boat. One year and 3 days later my daughter (experienced with boats) went over the wake of a large boat (at responsible speed), and the  inner lining seperated from the hull, winshield broke, and the boat went down below water level. The apparent cause was that there was a OPEN VOID (boat was designed/built that way) in the liner in the area of the entry to the cuddy. The void was apparently there to facilitate boat assembly, and was slickly hidden under the finished cockpit. I towed the boat all the way to Canada, but they did not make any repair or restitution.  I was out several thousand $$, but at leasy my daughter escaped with only some minor cuts and bruises. Based on my experience, I would not touch a KMV boat.

alex jansen wrote at 2006-07-28 03:33:50
I have owned three different KMV boats. One was 2000 DC.  They are good boats but very unstable at dock side.  They had problems with hull interior flotation foam comming loose when incontact with bilge water. The constant washing effect made it come loose and therefore the bottom of the hull became soft with little support.  Look for that, but they are a good boat if cared for.  

pete wrote at 2006-12-31 03:38:50
Hi People

I am a proud new owner of a new-used 1988 KMV 17.5' BOAT w/little cuddy,and a 60 hp motor on it. I test drove the boat w/ an mechanical engineer pal who is also a experienced boater and found it quick & stable.

after a year and a half I still really like it.

Like with any fiberglass boat I avoid hitting big waves or chop as and dont expect the craft to be able to handle too much pounding.Bobs story is cause for concern and I think its good advice always to have your possible purchase pre -inspected at a respected shop/marina.

mark wrote at 2007-02-24 00:07:25
Hi Scott, I have a KMV 500 17ft and my father has a 20ft KMV. They are excellent boats. There hull design is high speed with low horse power a very economical hull. The bonwitco boats are exactly the same hull wise, made in my home town of Kingsbridge by Francis Wills, who I believe may have worked for KMV. He has been makeing the boats for donkeys years and there is nothing he  doesn't know about these boats! You can find out more information direct through Wills Marine in Kingsbridge, South Devon.

         Kind Regards Mark

Bob Wickes wrote at 2007-05-10 15:13:10

I've owned a KMV With 400 model boat since 1983. She was built in Norway, and I would characterize as stable, very rugged, and seaworthy.  In her time she has been used offshore, on Chesapeake Bay, on Lake George, and other inland waters. We have babied her, and she still looks new. The Dromedrille does pound a bit in a chop, which is the only negative.  At 455 pounds, this double-hulled craft, powered by a Mariner 15 HP, has been equal to everything we asked of her.

Dr Mervyn Davies wrote at 2007-05-11 15:39:03

Re: KMV boat`s

I have a KMV 17ft cabin speedboat the one with the opening foward window to allow you out on the sundeck.

I believe its late 1980`s build, it is extreamly well built, handles well,seats 9 people! looks great, and realy is stable for a craft of that length.

its original gel coat is vertually unblemished, the only thing that deterorated was the bulkhead white padded lining that has now been removed.  But I am one happy chappie with my KMV and plan to keep it for a very long time.

If that helps answer your question..


Dave wrote at 2007-09-04 00:14:25
I have owned five boats in the last 15 years, including a KMV DC2000, which in my estimation was the best of the bunch, far better construction than the others, and having held up better over the years than any other.  As said before, high speed for low horsepower, economical, and excellent construction.  I should never have sold it.

Victor wrote at 2007-10-15 16:40:34
I own a 1700HT KMV and just love it. It's a boat menat for cruising, very stable and I'm happy with it.

The front cabin really is a plus for family outings, and the open rear makes it a great spot for comfortable fishing. One of the front bunks converts into a table and it also has a pedestal seat for fishing.

It handles and planes very easily - the hull is different from everything else out there and got me uneasy at first but after a few times I found it to be quite easy to handle.

It's an uncommon boat and really turns heads - I get lots of people asking questions about it.

I believe the design is originally European, from Norway, but it also used to be manufactured in Ontario by the father of the actual owner of Yates Boat Building in Newfoundland. They still build boats with this same type of hull, so it makes them still fairly small (17.5 ft) but still seaworthy.

Altogether, it weights about 2,500 lbs (boat, trailer, and engine), so it's towable by most midsized cars.

Victor - Hamilton, ON.

Mick-Fish wrote at 2008-07-01 20:36:57
Hi...I own a 1988 KMV605 Pro series center Console with a seadrive (20feet)...Love it ,Great boat ,Been out in 6 foot seas with it (I don't like big waves , but it will take it)...It has classic lines on the side that trow spray away making it a very dry boat,You can spend 10 hours fishing in it and not be beat up at the end of the trip.Its the perfect Lake Ontario Trolling Boat....Mickey Memoly

Gary wrote at 2008-09-06 01:24:42
The KMV is a very unique style of boat known for its seaworthyness and efficincy.  They were built in New Lowell Onario by two brothers from Norway.  These boats were sea trialed in the North Sea.  I have a Pro Series 528CC which I have rebuilt.  New floor, transom, stringers and foam.  They are tippy at dockside and in some cases need to be operated my like a canoe but they will handle rough water and have good resale value. They are known to waterlog and once the foam gets wet, it stays that way. I love my KMV

Dan wrote at 2010-09-17 23:15:08
we just purchased a 1700ht kmv at end of season. i was not shure of this boat as i have never heard of them before. but once we took her out i fell in love. she handles great and with only a 50hp yamaha we get an easy 30mph. we even spent a long weekend sleeping on boat, would recomend a kmv boat to anyone, feel lucky to have mine.

natemr2 wrote at 2011-05-25 15:25:39
 I would also add these are a great boat I just finished restoring an ht 1700 and would recommend this boat to anyone, very well built and a great family boat.  

Michael Cole wrote at 2011-08-16 20:38:21
I own a a 16ft KMV 528cc with a Honda 90 4stroke. Great boat! It handles well in all conditions and is pretty light so It can go about 40 Miles an hour (almost). It is a centre cockpit whcih means you need to stand / sit closer to the right side to counter the torque if you are solo. The boat is unsinkable in that even if the hull is breached, it will still float enough to limp it back to shore. These are very rare boats and I have never seen one line the 528CC


Mike cole

benztao wrote at 2012-08-06 16:07:43
i wouldt like buy a kmv 1700ht 1989 with a 50 yamaha 4 stroke is it a good boat i d`ont know this company is it fiability an good quality fiberglass and built

Dan wrote at 2013-03-23 00:49:06
still have my 1st km with the chap Yamaha and still love it. good times fishing and stubbing and everyone tells us it looks really good going across the lake

Drula wrote at 2016-06-15 12:56:50
Own KMV 2000 Dc 1987 no problems one owner only problem material reaped on canvas cover  to bad i cant find one that size custome made to expensive  

Jim wrote at 2017-02-21 02:56:08
Had a 17 cuddy KMV for 10 years now.Repowered with a 70 Yamaha 4st. And what a great combination.Planes quickly, handles beautifully at any speed.Economical hull.I would buy a new one if they still made them.Perfect on an inland 60 mile lake, no end of great comments on it.


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