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Shunk Wugga wrote at 2014-01-22 18:47:24
I believe I had two different copies of Legend and if I remember correctly one was a single album and one was a double...I do know that one had the much faster version because I never had the 12". I do believe it was on the single album version of Legend.

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I can answer a broad range of questions on reggae music, its history, and the religious and social factors that have influenced its development in Jamaica and elsewhere. I also have a similarly broad knowledge base for old school Punk Rock (circa 1976-1982).


A performing musician for 20 years, I have traveled extensively in Jamaica and England as well as the USA, always with an eye and an ear for music.

In the early 80s I conducted interviews and wrote for numerous underground music magazines: Paranoia, Flipside, etc. More recently I have written about sports for

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