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Im 27 years old , 66 kg boy and going to start body building for fitness...
I have a gym in my house and have these products :

1- Whey phase (4 demension nutrition )
2- Creatine ( s.u.n unique )
3-Pre-workout ignition ( six star )
4- L-glutamine ( Ast sport )
5- Amino Full ( hardline )
6- multi vitamine

Now I got 3 question...

1- when and how much should I use each of them?

2- is it safe to use them together ?

3- how many times and days should I exercise?

p.s : I have lots of free time and I want to use this free time the best...

Thanks a lot for your help :)


First, you can take all theses products together.
I suggest you a split routine, 4 times a week. (Chest/biceps! Back/triceps etc)
Do 5 set of 8 reps for each exercises for maximum mass.

Take your pre-workout(arginine, caffeine?) 30 minutes prior to train, on a semi-empty stomach.

Creatine: the first week try 5 grams 4 time a day. After once a day(5g), after workout.

Proteins: After workout, and between meals, for good proteins intake.

Glutamine: not really needed, because you can find some in your whey.
But the normal dose is 10g/day, its kind of good for your immune system.

Hope this can help!

Post me some pictures later with the results !  


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