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Bodybuilding/Is it an another ab workout myth?


Hi Francois, I'm from India, 27 and I have an athletic build. I do workout for all the body parts three days a week except abs. Because in my locality people say if you don't have a fat belly you must not do an an workout because if you quit workout someday you'll get a fat belly. I just want to know is this another myth about an workout or is it a true fact?

Hello Sagar

Its a myth of course.

abs are like the other muscles, if you want them big, you need to work them.
These are littles muscles, so repair process can be done quickly. Thats why abs can be train more often.

No relationship between abs workout and fat accumulation.

If you know someone with a fat belly, its a nutrition problem.

When a man eat too much carbs, and become fat, the first place where the body get fat is the abdomen, the last is the fingers and the face.

For exemple, its almost impossible to find a guy with a big fat face or fingers with a lean waist.

So, work your abs my friend. The only results you will have now and in the futur is great and big abs.

Hope this will help you.


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