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i am a 20year old man... 56kg weight and 5.6ft tall..
my schdule in gym was 6days a week earlier...
now i have made new schdule of 5 days a week that is
mon:shoulders and trapezius
tue: triceps+abs
wed : off
thur: legs+forearms
friday: chest+abs
satrday: biceps+back
sir my schdule must be faulty or inappropriate because am a beginner and i dnt have a coach here... also i get merely 1.2hour for workout because of my college timings... i go to gym at 6am morning... my collge timing is 9to 5pm....
and on wed, fri and saturday i go to my taekwondo classes ie from 7 to 8pm ...
sir i want to develop my upper body like jean claude van damm or micheal jay white... who are martial artist cum body builders..  sir for proteins i take 2eggs ... sprouted grains.... and milk protein powder.... i dont want to take whey protein because i dont have proper guidence here....
sumtyms i eat bread butter and bananas also in my morning and evening breakfast... sir plese tell me is my schdule fine or it needs changes? i have max. 1.2hour for workout..... i want my body like a fighter... and also tell me whether my diet is ok or not... i eat a lot in mess during lunch and dinner.... my routine is very strenous so am scard whether gyming will make me muscular or lean !!! means i dont want to get more thin.... and sir can i eat raw egg's albumin!! or it can harm me in long run??? coz my father said raw eggs has many bacteria inside it... is it necessary to remove eggs yolk while eating boiled or raw egg??? and how many eggs a day i can take?? plese help me as am sending you my pics also... please suggest me whether a huge body like micheal jay white would suit or a slim but tough fighter like teen body with cuts will suit my height ie 5.6ft...

ANSWER: Hello rishabh

You look like motivated, and this is good.

At your age, you are a little under weight.
All you need is muscle, and im going to help you.

I saw your routine, and i will give you a new one. I much better one for mass gain.

Day 1: Chest/biceps
Day 2: Shoulders/calves
Day 3: Back/triceps
Day 4: Legs/abs
(4 workouts a week max)
Try to do various abs exercises after each workout.

Your proteins intake have to be very high, 30-50 each meal.
By the way, whey = milk proteins

Also, your body type is ectomorph, thats mean you need a LOT of carbs with each meal. Like 50-60gr.
As a ectomorph, your metabolism is very fast, so you need plenty of carbs all the time for real muscles gain.

Your father was right but eggs are ok, your stomach acid can deal with the bacteria.

I hope this will help you !


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

you r right that my body is ectomorph type...
and sir what does this slash "/" means according to ur given schedule .. does it means both parts workout a day or alternate parts each week?? like 1st day u gave chest/biceps so it means both on same day or one part each week??
and sir i want improve my strength nd speed in martial arts( myn is taekwondo) through body building same like bruce li did....and abs workout everyday vl b fine to build abs?? coz i have heard abs workout should'nt be more than twice a week...
and sir i want to improve physique as well as my speed both so please help me...
and sir i can digest 4boiled eggs easily every day taken 2in morning nd 2in evening... so how many raw eggs i shud take each day?? nd it is completly safe to take boiled eggs ??
and sir can i keep that schedule as day 1,2,3,4 on monde. tuesday. thur. and friday respectively?? coz i have TKD class on wed and on thursday i have off from TKD... and sir i have only 1hr for workout so vl i be able to do all workout within an hour if done properly or not???

ANSWER: Hello again!

Sorry for the delay, i was out of town this week-end.

The '/' mean 'and'

Chest/Biceps =  Chest and Biceps. You need to work both at the same workout.
By the way, do always 5 sets of 8 reps. (5x8). You have to lift heavy, with low reps for a good hypertrophia.

For your abs, its littles muscles. They can repair very fast, so you can work your abs everyday for 15minutes. But one time a week, you can work your abs a little bit more, like 45mins with max intensity. Supersetting abs exercises is great too!

Boiled eggs are ok, but you have to think about the proteins. A big egg is 5-8gr of proteins. You need 200 to 300gr everyday, so eat eggs, or something else, doesnt matter, but you need your proteins everyday.

You can play with your routine. As long you do the entire routine each week.

Week 1: monday, wed, friday and saturday

Week 2: monday, tuesday, thursday, friday


And yes, you can do all your workout in 1h. Cut the time between your sets, wait only 30secs. The training will be even better!

Hope this help !

Good workouts!

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

i cant understand meaning of 5sets of 8 repetions....
does it means 5different type of sets or 5sets of a single type???
for instance: while doing flat bench press i have to do 5sets of 8repetitions and thats for the day(5sets only a day) or i have to do 5different types of chest exersises n does each type includes 5subsets??? (means 25sets total i hve to do in one day)
or please elaborate your schedule...


I mean 5 sets of 8 repetitions.

You do the exercise 8 times in a row, then you relax 90 seconds.
This is 1 set.

You doing this 5 times.

I will give the chest routine i use right now

1- Bench press(5x8)
2- Dumbell fly(5x8)
3- Incline dumbell press(5x8)
4- Decline machine press(5x8)
5- Cable crossover(4x10)



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