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I've got a injury below my left shoulder blade doing weights three days ago Saturday night).

It's tender now though not sore. Can sleep without problem and although I feel it walking etc. was able to run 5K without problem the next day.

I skipped my usual Monday weights to give it a chance to recover but I'm very restless now and would like your advice in picking a few weights exercise to practice tomorrow night which don't use the affected muscle group or as little as possible.

I take any personal responsibility for risking exasperating the condition but would be grateful of your advice please on what to do and what to avoid.

I was doing:-
Two sets of 5 Dumbbell  Bench presses with 25KG
Two sets of 10 Barbell Squats with 56KG
Two sets of 5 Barbell Bentover Rows with 55KG (I think this is the exercise that caused the problem)
Two sets of 6 Barbell Deadlifts with 80KG
Two sets of 6 Dips
Two sets of 8 Pullups with 10KG weights

Many thanks

Hello Andrew

Sorry for your shoulder.

All the exercises you wrote exept the squat involve the shouders.

You should consult a doctor, for doing radio. You need that to see the damage, and find a heal plan.

I cannot risk your health, because i dont know how your injured shoulder will react.

After that, you will become a gym beast :-)


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